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 Helpful Tips

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Below are some suggestions you should consider when you are getting ready to play Football LOTD. The goal is to eliminate any confusion so you will have a very enjoyable experience.

  • Read the Official Football Luck of the Draw Rules (on-line version) closely before playing the game on-line for first time. Do not let the rules and the roles of the Quarterback intimidate you. This game is no more difficult to grasp than your average game. You will start to become comfortable with the rules and the flow of the game after serving as the Quarterback just a few times.
  • It is very important to be prepared before purchasing your tickets. It is recommended to plan ahead and designate one person (Game Administrator) to purchase the tickets for as many players as possible to take advantage of the volume discounting. This person just needs to remember to get reimbursed by the other players.
  • For optimal viewing of the LOTD Scoreboard Screen, it is recommended to set your screen resolution at 800 x 600 (especially if you are using a laptop to play the game on-line). You can check or change your resolution setting by following these simple steps:

    1. go to your desktop screen
    2. right click on mouse
    3. click on properties
    4. click on settings tab
    5. change resolution setting to 800 x 600, if necessary
    6. click on apply
    7. click on OK
  • When the game has been completed, repeat these steps to change the resolution back to the original setting, if necessary. Note, some of the icons may move around but they will go back to their normal positions the next time you power up the computer.
  • For games where all the players are located in a single location, the ideal set-up is to use the Official Football Luck of the Draw laminated Game Cards in conjunction with an upgraded laptop/computer that is using high speed internet connection. The game cards can be handed out to the various players based on how the cards where electronically dealt. This will make it easier for players to remember what scoring events they are rooting for and the cards can also be used to visually indicate their audible selections to the QB.
  • For games where all the players are located in a single location, the ideal set-up is to use the Football Luck of the Draw laminated game cards to indicate audible selections in conjunction with a computer/laptop that has a high speed internet connection. The idea is to utilize the game cards to display how the cards where electronically dealt. This would allow the audible selection process to be done manually if you want to avoid the audible timers.
  • It is recommended to use the default game play options the first few times you play the game. Once you get a feel for the rules and how the game is played you will be in a better position to determine which game play options you would like to customize, if any.

  • You should play a few times prior to playing your first league game to get comfortable with how the game works. This is no different then how the NFL teams need a few pre-season games to get ready for their regular season.

  • If you are a League Commissioner (LC) setting up a league, it is best to get everything set-up as far in advance of the initial league game as possible. This will help ensure all league members have become LOTD Members in time for you to place them on the league roster. Note, it is important that you confirm the participation of each league member before setting up the league roster to avoid having to repeat the process.

  • A league roster must consist of 3 – 8 players (8 is ideal). Whenever a league player cannot attend a scheduled game, they should have a substitute player fill in for them. The substitute player’s game stats are credited towards the league totals of the player (roster spot) they are filling in for. If a player fails to get a substitute, then that player (roster spot) will not receive any points for that game. You want to avoid this if at all possible.

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