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 Operating the LOTD Scoreboard

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Be sure you have read the Official Game Rules and/or your computer system meets the minimum requirements before playing your 1st game.

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Establishing the QB order - The order that each player will serve as the QB is determined by clicking on the Begin New Drive/Change QB button. The player who is dealt the PTD game card will serve as the QB first and will need to establish the QB sequence for the remaining players.

Starting the game - Click the Begin Game button to take the field and officially start the game. This should be done about 5-10 minutes prior to the kickoff of the actual live football game being watched.

Use of the LOTD Message Board - Players can communicate with one another throughout the game by utilizing this message board. This is a great way to talk smack with your opponents during the game.

Role of the QB - The player designated as the QB for the current drive needs to be occupying the QB Hot Seat with their hand on the mouse ready to click on the various QB related buttons on the LOTD Scoreboard when necessary.

Dealing of the game cards - The game cards are electronically dealt to each player prior to the start of each drive by clicking on the Begin New Drive/Change QB button. This should be done as soon as possible to allow time for possible trades.

Trading game cards - Players can trade game cards (QB is excluded) prior to the occurrence of involved scoring events by clicking the Make Trade Offer button. This button is used to send trade proposals and is controlled by the QB for local players and is accessible to each remote player.

Calling the audible - In games involving 1 or more remote players, the QB needs to communicate which play of the drive the audible will take place. This is done by clicking on the Pick Audible Play button and selecting the desired play #. Ideally, this should be done before the 1st snap of the drive to give everyone sufficient warning. The QB needs to click on Make Selections button at the conclusion of the play preceding the audible play to start the timer and enter selection(s). Once the audible play has concluded, the QB clicks on the Audible Result button to indicate if the audible play was a run or pass so the audible points are awarded properly. The QB may elect not to call an audible for that drive. Note, if a penalty occurs on a play that results in the play having to be re-ran (i.e. down remains same), then that play is not counted for audible purposes.

Awarding game card points - The player serving as the QB is responsible for clicking on the appropriate scoring event button, as certain live game actions occur, to award game card points to the game card holders. The QB can click on the Live Play by Play and/or LOTD Play by Play buttons for reference to make sure all the proper game card points have been properly awarded to avoid a possible unsportsmanlike penalty. The QB can also click on the Edit Score button to make scoring corrections, as needed. It is strongly recommended to have a hard copy of the Game Card Scoring Cheat Sheet handy for a quick reference while serving as the QB.

New drive change over process - Once the drive has concluded and the QB has finished awarding the game card points, the Begin New Drive / Change QB button is clicked to have the game cards re-dealt electronically and to rotate the QB assignment to the next player in the rotation. This also will trigger a refresh of the scoreboard totals accordingly.

Assessing Penalties - If a player detects that a scoring discrepancy exists, then they can click the Challenge button to notify the GA / QB. If it is determined that a scoring adjustment is in order, then the GA can click on the Edit Score button to make the necessary correction. If it is determined that a scoring error occurred during the previous drive, then the player who served as the QB and made the error is accessed an unsportsmanlike penalty of minus 4 points. The GA does this by clicking on the Assess Penalty button. Note, it is the GAs responsibility to confirm and access penalties.

Review of game play options - If you need to bring up the selected game play options for review (i.e. confirm when game officially ends) or to adjust the audible timers, you can click on the Options link in the Qtr. indicator box next to the team names.

Taking over for an AWOL QB - If for some reason a remote player assigned as the QB is not fulfilling their responsibilities (i.e. scoring) during the current drive, the GA can click the QB AWOL button to gain access / control of the QB related buttons.

Getting clarification of the rules - Anytime during the game players have the option to click on the Rules button for reference. Players can also click on the Help button for some additional assistance, if necessary.

Ending the game - Once the game has reached the agreed upon end point, then the GA needs to click on the End Game button to have the final results displayed / printed and submitted.

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