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  Site Overview .
Hello and Welcome to the Luck of the Draw web site!

Our goal is to make this site a fun and enjoyable experience each time you visit. We feel that the key to achieving this goal is to make the site user friendly and to offer our services and products at very reasonable prices.

To help you get a feel for the LOTD site and become comfortable with the navigational process, we will walk you through how the site is set-up. Since this is a sports oriented site, we’ve used a series of sports related play-on-words and analogies to help describe how you move throughout the site and ultimately Take the Field and play The Game Within The Game.


Think of the Home Page and the informative screens that can be accessed from the Home Page as the pre-game festivities. The site areas available in this portion of the web site are: About Us; Site Overview and How to Play (includes rules, operating the LOTD scoreboard, FAQs, terminology and helpful tips). The main objective of each of these site areas is to provide our visitors with key information regarding how the web site is set-up and how Football Luck of the Draw is played online.

Once you have had a chance to visit these site areas you should be fired up and ready to buy a ticket to the Big Game where you will become part of “The Game within the Game!” But first you will need to gain access to the LOTD Stadium.


Now visualize the remaining site areas as being different locations within the LOTD Stadium. In order to enter the stadium and eventually Take the Field you must first become an LOTD Member. This is absolutely free and simply involves clicking the Become a Member button and providing information and establishing your User ID (your e-mail address) and Password. Once this process has been completed, you are ready to move about the stadium.


Now you are ready to play one of the most thrilling on-line interactive games ever created called Football Luck of the Draw! But there are a few things you need to do first before you can take the field. The most important of these tasks is purchasing LOTD Game Tickets or LOTD League Tickets. This is done by clicking Ticket Window where you can make your ticket quantity selection. These transactions are done in a very secure manner through the use of PayPal. We have made a conscious effort to make the ticket prices very attractive and reward our customers with some volume price breaks.


You can visit this location of the stadium by clicking on Souvenir Shop. Here you will find various game accessories. If there is an item that you would like to have added, please e-mail us at with your suggestions.


Setting up your own league is the best way to experience Football Luck of the Draw on-line. This structured playing format creates camaraderie among league members and allows rivalries to form between certain players. League stats and standings are generated throughout the season so you can track each league member’s performance.

So if you want to be a League Commissioner (LC) and have purchased your league ticket package, then you can create your League Roster by clicking on Leagues. You will also need to set-up the League Schedule and select the League Game Play Options. Hey, they don’t pay you the big bucks for nothing!


This is where you can become a team GM (aka GA) for a day and create a new LOTD game session by clicking on Create a New Game. Players who wish to set-up their own game session must serve as the Game Administrator (GA) and have at least one ticket in their account. The GA is responsible for setting up the initial Game Roster, and selecting the Game Play Options. If you like to be in control, then the GA role is for you!


Once you have gained access to the locker room by signing in and have clicked Take the Field to play a game, then you are ready to step out on the field and seize control of the LOTD Scoreboard. The actual Football LOTD game will kickoff once the Begin Game button is clicked. Now it is time to fasten your chin strap and experience The Game within the Game!


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