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 How To Play Luck of the Draw!

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Our goal is to make your playing experience as enjoyable as possible. However, some things are beyond our control, such as the configuration of the computer system you choose to play on. Below we have listed the key components to consider and some recommended system configurations that will enhance the playing experience.

Pop-up Blockers
Since Luck of the Draw Football opens windows to display game information, you may need to disable your Pop-up Blocker for this site in order to fully play the game the way it is ment to be played. Please click the following link to test your system.

[ Test your system for Pop-up Blockers ]

High Speed Connection
To experience the game at its best, we recommend you use a high speed internet connection like RoadRunner or Yahoo DSL.

Portable Computer
We suggest you use an up-to-date laptop with a connected mouse, so that if can fit compfortably next to the potato chip bowl on the table.

Screen Resolution
The LOTD Scoreboard screen was designed for a 800 x 600 screen resolution. Adjusting your resolution to this setting will enhance the visibility of the Scoreboard.

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