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 How To Play Luck of the Draw!

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Getting you to understand how the game is played is vital in making you become comfortable with giving the game a try. We are confident that after you play the game once you will realize how fun and easy it is to play.

The purpose of each link above is to explain how the game is played and to provide you with background information to enhance your playing experience. It is strongly recommended to take a few minutes to review each of these pages in the order they are listed.

Please keep in mind that this is an interactive game being played along with a live football game. It is inevitable that some unusual and unanticipated scenarios will occur from time to time that may be unclear on how it should be handled within the rules. These situations will not happen very often, but when they do can become controversial. The golden rule for handling these situations is to put it up for a vote among the players regarding a fair resolution. If the vote happens to result in a tie, then the player serving as the Game Administrator should make the final decision.

A key to minimizing these situations is playing the game with adequate resources. For instance, playing the game on an upgraded computer / laptop with high speed internet connection will definitely enhance the game playing experience. However, as long as your system meets the minimum requirements (see System Reqs.), each game played is sure to be a unique and enjoyable experience.

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